Pico G3 secure and protection

Available for pre-order now! Shipping first batch June 30th.

TitanSkinVR for PicoG3

TitanSkinVR is the perfect solution to secure and protect your PicoG3 VR headset. This anti-theft skin prevents damage in public places.

The 2-millimeter aluminum skin is specially developed for the PicoG3. It protects all fragile elements such as buttons, headstrap, and USB-C charging cable connector. With the TitanSkinVR, you will be able to demo your VR headset safely without supervision. For optimal performance, use the TitanSkin in combination with the retractable ceiling system and a 5-meter-long charging cable.


  • Aluminum skin, 2 mm thickness
  • Weight skin 175 grams
  • Powder coating finish RAL 9005
  • M6 hex screw with pin
  • Hanging system
  • Continuously charging possible
  • Kensingtonlock

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