META Quest3

Introducing TitanSkinVR, the ultimate safeguard for your Meta Quest3 VR headset. Our anti-theft skin is designed to provide comprehensive protection, preventing damage to delicate components and accidental button presses. On the top side features a secure loop for added stability, while the USB C cable connector is shielded to ensure continuous charging.

With TitanSkinVR, you can confidently showcase your VR headset with minimal or no supervision, thanks to its robust protective features. For an enhanced experience, pair TitanSkin with our retractable ceiling pulley system and a 5-meter-long charging cable for optimal performance.

Use TitanSkinVR for a worry-free VR showcase, combining security and convenience for your Meta Quest3 headset.


  • Aluminum skin, 2 mm thickness

  • Weight skin 119 grams

  • Powder coating finish RAL 9005

  • Secure loop on top side

  • Charging cable connector protection

Ceiling retractor setup demo

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