The Living Planet US

Connect with our Living Planet through a new Virtual Reality experience! Embark on a quantum voyage to discover the world’s ecosystems, like colorful coral reefs or the verdant rainforest.


BEETHOVEN // OPUS 360 is a completely innovative music education program that brings classical music into the lives of young people. Gaming, VR, rap, and classical music come together in a unique learning experience that provides a new approach to the work and life of Ludwig van Beethoven – without any prior knowledge or musical background. agon e.V. has developed this non-profit educational project to playfully overcome the barriers of classical cultural content for young people and thus contribute to more educational and equal opportunities. BEETHOVEN // OPUS 360 takes new paths and opens up possibilities for a forward-thinking teaching method.

Hologate VR protection VR headset


Virtual Reality is the hottest topic in the family entertainment industry right now, as it gets people off the couch and into your space. HOLOGATE ARENA is the most successful turnkey multiplayer VR system in the world. It perfectly fits the bill as the game-changing attraction in entertainment centers around the world. With the HOLOGATE ARENA, you are transported into the immersive world of virtual reality, where you will fight robots, zombies, and dragons or even challenge each other in heart-pounding virtual dance battles.

The Dutch VR Cinema

The VR Cinema
“The VR Cinema,” a Dutch initiative, is the result of years of experimenting with hardware,
software, VR films, and the best workflow. Currently, this pop-up concept is traveling around,
engaging clients such as museums, public libraries, high schools, and festivals.


From Flame to Future: A multi-sensory VR Experience

Discover the history of artificial light in this multi-sensory animated VR short film, taking EGLO customers on an interactive journey to inspire and empower a shared passion for lighting.

This installation is part of an in-store concept comprising six stations commissioned by EGLO Leuchten GmbH.

Seal centre Pieterburen

Research on vocal learning

Through research, we discovered that seals (pups) have a unique vocalization. They use it when they are lying in large groups on the beach and need to call their mother. Quite handy, how else would they find each other again? For humans, that sound can sound ‘sad,’ and pups are sometimes even called ‘howlers.’ Due to the sound, people often think that the pups need help.

Nothing could be further from the truth: the pups are hungry! Mother seal is probably out hunting for fish for herself so that she can later provide milk to her young. The best thing humans can do is keep their distance, so that the mother feels safe to return to her pup.

Risk Factory

The Risk Factory is a safety training location for pupils. Currently there are three locations in the Netherlands.

VR protection Risk Factory
VR protection Risk Factory