VR headset secure and protection system

TitanSkinVR is the perfect solution to secure and protect your VR headsets. This anti theft skin prevents damage and accidental pressing of buttons. With this solution the device will be charged continuously.


The 2 millimeter aluminum skin is specially developed for the Oculus Go, Oculus Quest 2 and Pico G2 4K. It protects all fragile elements. With the TitanSkinVR you will be able to demo your VR headset safely without supervision. For optimal performance, use the TitanSkin in combination with the retractable ceiling system.


HP Reverb G2


Use this skin to secure the VR headset. All the models are equipped with a mount for a lanyard or our retractable ceiling system.


The skin will protect the VR headset for damage, theft and avoiding pressing buttons.


By using the TitanSkin, the VR headset can be permanently charged

Projects we supported


Oculus Go Protection

Oculus Go

This skin fits for the Oculus Go devices. The power button is hided and the headstrap is mounted on the case.Read More »
PicoG24k_Render(AnthraciteGrey)_front right(2)

Pico G2 4K

This titan skin fits the Pico G2 4K headset. This product is in development at the moment. In the first week of september, the skin will be available for sale.Read More »

Oculus Quest 2

This skin fits for the Oculus Quest 2 headset. Also we have a proper solution for the controllers.Read More »

HP Reverb G2

This skin fits for the HP Reverb G2. This TitanSkin includes a headphone holder.Read More »
Pico NEO 3

Pico Neo 3

This skin for Pico Neo 3 is in development. NOW Available!Read More »
HTC vive pro

HTC vive pro

This skin for HTC vive pro is in development. Available by the end of march.
What our clients say

At Forum Groningen we use the TitanSkinVR for our VR cinema, where the glasses can be used freely by our audience. Since the application of this suspension and security we have had no more damage to the VR glasses. An ideal solution for VR glasses in public spaces. We are very happy and satisfied.

Gerda Vrugteman – Forum Groningen

Forum Groningen

For one of our valued customers, we have used the TitanSkinVR. The perfect solution that is safe for the user, but also makes the VR glasses vandal-proof against damage or theft. Being able to choose the color and the high-quality finish creates a silver lining for the customer.

Stafen Vogelzang – VIEMR


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